Dogs and Diamonds

About Denny Bales

In addition to being in the fine jewelry business in the Corpus Christi market for the past 30 years, Denny has been the president of the Gulf Coast Humane Society (GCHS) for the past 14 years. Denny has 6 dogs of his own (all adopted) and has made it his personal goal to assist in getting the hundreds of orphaned animals in the city of Corpus Christi and surrounding communities the opportunity to find good and loving homes.

All of the t.v. advertising for the GCHS is sponsored by Denny Bales and he is on most of the commercials. When you visit Denny’s new store at South Staples near Lipes, you’ll also get to meet Admiral and Captain, his handsome Great Danes whom are the store mascots.

If you were to ask Denny what his two favorite things in life are, you’ll hear the words dogs and diamonds. Everyone has something they’re passionate about and Denny Bales is very passionate about dogs. Plain and simple, he is a dog lover and he’s equally passionate about diamonds. He claims there is no better investment than a diamond. Denny has always invested in diamonds and still to this day considers diamonds to be one of the only good investments with a 15% annual return rate on quality diamonds of one carat or greater.

Denny Bales moved to Corpus Christi in 1981 from Southern California. He opened his first jewelry department in Sunrise Mall in Feb. of 1982. Over this 30 successful year period, Denny became the only jeweler to ever win the "BEST OF THE BEST" award, voted on and presented by the Corpus Christi Caller Times. He has enjoyed this honor for the past seventeen years in a row.

When Denny made the decision to close his fine jewelry store of 30 years, he decided to do something he had been thinking about for the past five years - open a diamond speciality store on the fast growing South Side of town.

In addition to his endless commitment to the Humane Society, Denny pays for all the advertising of the Humane Society and invests many hours and personal resources each week.

When you come by the new location at 7009 So. Staples near Lipes, feel free to chat with Denny about your dog or your diamond.

Denny has in depth knowledge of each.

denny bales with captain and admiral


The 4 C's of Diamonds

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When it comes to diamonds, we are all familiar with the 4 C’s. It is important to understand what factors determine the finest quality diamond if in fact you are truly going to comparison shop with the competition.

Cut: The cut or physical make of the diamond is the first and by far the most important of all the categories representing the 4 C’s. Whenever possible, request an ideal cut diamond.

Color: The color is essential in that most everyone can tell the difference between a very white diamond versus one that has a tinge of yellow. It’s always best to request a diamond that is near colorless.

Clarity: The clarity is another very important consideration. As you are most likely aware, the greater the number of inclusions or internal characteristics, the lesser the cost. However, it is very important to always request and insist on an eye clean diamond.

Carat: The carat weight is important if you are considering a diamond, both as an investment, as well as something that can be worn and enjoyed over the years. Most of this industry feels that the diamond should be one carat or greater to truly be considered an investment.

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